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  • New Fabric Collections Instore now! Beautiful summer colours, coastal designs and soft textures to delight you! Call in for a free Quote Today...
  • January SALE now on!! 50% off Christmas Decor and 20% off all Stock (10% Tipperary Crystal)!!
  • NEW!! Now takings names for Saturday Morning workshops commencing Sat 9th Feb 10am - 12pm on Simple Room Revamps, includes Coffee €10 pp. Call to book on 91 61694 or email us at!

Tips and Trends


Hanging Heights

Hanging your painting or picture five feet from the floor is a general rule when putting up your artwork in any room.

Eye Level

You don't want to be lookin up or down at your painting. It should be roughly at eye level so you can enjoy your new picture or artwork in comfort.

Fitting and Fixtures

When hanging your picture its better to use two hooks as it adds stability as you wouldn't want your new picture to fall and be damaged.And when using two hooks always use a spirit level!

Spatial Awareness

Be aware of where your hanging a painting or picture. Do not hang a small picture in a vast space as it will be swamped. Alternatively do hang a large painting in a staircase for full impact!

Room Styles

Bedrooms lend themselves to pretty pastel images whereas a dining room would take darker, more serious images. Places like a hallway work well with series of prints.

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